G'day! I'm Alexander

Tattooed Traveler & Cancer Survivor
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What makes this travel blog different?

Do you love well crafted travel blogs overflowing with pictures of sexy Instagram models?

Each with skin softer than my approach to a hard day’s work?

Then you’ve come to the wrong place.

I’m just a cancer survivor who enjoys a beer, a laugh, and an adventure.

But…I will give you valuable travel tips. I’ll tell you stories so you know exactly what to expect on the road. And I will confess to shit that you have to promise NOT to tell my Mum.

Seriously. She doesn’t know about this blog. And let’s all keep it that way.

I promise you this though – I’ll either tell you something you didn’t know about your next travel destination. Or I’ll entertain you with a story.

And if I’m wrong, well…then I owe you a beer.

If you need to claim your prize, you can find my phone number scrawled on most disreputable bathroom walls.

So thanks for stopping by.

Yours in time,

Alexander J Porter




blog posts

How cancer inspired me to travel the world.

The day my Dad told me I had cancer, my life flashed before my eyes.

And there wasn’t much to see.

After 244 days of treatment, I managed to beat cancer. I don’t think it was a knockout blow. But I’d like to think I won on points.

I promised myself in that moment, that if my cancer ever came back, and I was forced to watch my life flash before my eyes again – that I would have a life worth watching.

So I’ve been traveling ever since, making the most of my second chance at life.

One country. One beer. One tattoo. And one story at a time.