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It's redemption time...

Getting cancer sucks.

It sucked the day I found out I had it. It sucked the day I had to tell my mates.

And it sucked when, after 200 days of treatment, a curious cleaner came into my hospital room to ask “why have you been in hospital so long?” Proving he didn’t just sweep up garbage.

But sweep aside feelings too.

But when it was all said and done, travel was there to put all the pieces of my broken body and mind back together.

And I’ve felt redeemed on the road ever since…


Recent Redemptions

Beating cancer and getting a second chance at life made me realise something – I owed it to the doctors and nurses who saved my life to make the most of every day.

Travel is the one thing that makes me feel truly alive. And time and time again I’ve found redemption on the road.

How I Didn’t Meet a Terrorist

How I Didn’t Meet a Terrorist

“I’m not a terrorist”. We’d only been on the flight for a few minutes. I hadn’t even had time to have my customary panic attack and this man was convincing me he wasn’t a terrorist. Which to me sounds like flimsy logic. When I was young my Mum would ask me, "did you...

What is it like to have cancer?

What is it like to have cancer?

What does cancer feel like? That's a great question. Well, cancer doesn't feel great. It's like making plans with a really cute girl, and then it starts raining so you have to change your plans from a picnic to a movie, then right before you leave home you rip your...

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

New Zealand Bungy - "What size jacket does your girlfriend wear?" A simple question aimed at the back of my travel partner's head and I. A simple question that is, if I'd been traveling with my girlfriend, or even a woman. My travel partner was actually a mate with...

Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea

The San Blas Islands - The look of fear transcends language. I know this because the two Spanish speaking guides who sat perched at the back of our small single engine boat looked at each other the way anyone does when they realise things have gone from bad to worse....

Tinder Travel Bible: How to get Mates, Dates & One-Night Stands

Imagine walking into a restaurant and seeing a gorgeous woman with curves for days. You stand beside her, she lifts a spicy Italian sausage to her mouth and you watch her swallow it like a duck. 

She dabs the corner of her mouth with a napkin then consumes another sausage. You know the signs. You’ve seen it all before. So you growl with confidence, “I see you like sausage, you want to come home with me?”

She pauses. Then throws hot sauce into your eyes. She screams “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND”. You start to cry. 

You can live that life.

Or…you can skip that entire humiliation using Tinder.

And here’s how you do it to find mates, dates and one-night stands.

Come with me as I (almost) visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

The Guinness Storehouse is Ireland’s #1 tourist attraction and a ‘must-see’ destination in Dublin.

Unfortunately I spent too much time at the pub down the road and missed the cut off for entry.

Come with me as I (almost) visit the world famous Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland!