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It's time to confess...

Getting told you have cancer is harder than a high school math quiz. And going through chemo is harder still.

Weirdly enough, getting back to life once it’s over might be the hardest thing of all.

What do you do with each day when you’ve been through something as chaotic and random as cancer? I’m still trying to figure that out.

Travel always makes me feel free. Makes me feel alive. But the things that happen on the road, well…they weren’t always the type of things I’d tell my Mum.

Sometimes, I just have to confess.

Recent Confessions

When you go traveling and you drink your body weight in beer, at some point your Mum will email you and ask “have you been drinking enough water?”. Make sure you email her back and say “yes“.

When really, you’ve been doing all of these things…

What’s it like to see a live sex show?

What’s it like to see a live sex show?

“Does my asshole look as nice as his?” I asked my girlfriend. Her silence said more than words ever could. There were at least 100 of us in that room. All watching a petite, blonde, athletic looking woman take the pounding of a lifetime from a strapping bald man with...



Mexico Nightlife - “Is this the mild one?” I asked. A question, directed at no one in particular. Unsurprisingly, there was no reply. Sitting at the end of a long table that felt less secure than my financial future, I hadn’t yet taken a bite of my food. Still, the...

Sexual Heroin

Sexual Heroin

West Yellowstone National Park - "Sexual Heroin”. She repeated herself. “I am sexual heroin”. Then paused. Letting the words she had used to describe herself wash over me. This was a woman who was trying to entice me, and maybe perhaps threaten me, to this day I’m not...

Black Mirrors

Black Mirrors

Mirror Maze Terror - I will confess I’ve encountered terror in my life. Over the course of my 7 months of chemotherapy and subsequent surgeries he and I actually become friends in a warped way. When the spectre of death points an ethereal finger at you it seems a bond...

Tinder Travel Bible: How to get Mates, Dates & One-Night Stands

Imagine walking into a cafe and seeing a stunning woman with an hourglass figure waiting for a coffee. You stand beside her, she drops her phone and you catch it like a charming, neighbourhood Spiderman.

She’s in awe. Her hand raises to her mouth to hide her shock and admiration. You know the signs. You’ve seen it all before. So you growl with confidence, “Why don’t we take these drinks to go, and get out of here?”

She pauses. Then throws a boiling coffee in your face. She screams “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND”. You start to cry.

You can live that life.

Or…you can skip that entire humiliation using Tinder.

And here’s how you do it to find mates, dates and one-night stands. 

Amsterdam Confessions

Amsterdam isn’t just affordable weed and expensive prostitutes. It’s also expensive weed and affordable prostitutes! Watch my Amsterdam confessions video here.