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Life After Leukemia.

 G’day, I’m Alexander – a tattooed cancer survivor and world traveler.

I was diagnosed with Leukemia when I was 20 years old, just a week before Christmas. Which makes me think I must have been a really shit kid that year. Thanks a lot Santa.

My life flashed before my eyes with that diagnosis, and you know what? There wasn’t much to see.

I promised myself that if I beat cancer, I would make the most of my second chance at life.

And I’ve been traveling the world ever since. Making good on the promise I made myself, one story at a time.

I hope this travel blog gives you tips for your next trip. I hope it makes you laugh.

But most of all I hope it reminds you to make the most of each day you have, so that when the time comes – you’ve got a life story worth watching too.


Travel ‘Glob’

Why is this a travel ‘glob’ and not a travel blog?

I think ‘glob’ sounds so much funnier than blog. Plus there are already so many travel blogs online I couldn’t bare to add another.

I was never one to stick to convention anyway. I went and got Leukemia while none of my 4 brothers did, so clearly I blaze the road less traveled. Enjoy the tips, trips and stories of the world in my very own ‘glob’.

How I Didn’t Meet a Terrorist

How I Didn’t Meet a Terrorist

“I’m not a terrorist”. We’d only been on the flight for a few minutes. I hadn’t even had time to have my customary panic attack and this man was convincing me he wasn’t a terrorist. Which to me sounds like flimsy logic. When I was young my Mum would ask me, "did you...

What’s it like to see a live sex show?

What’s it like to see a live sex show?

“Does my asshole look as nice as his?” I asked my girlfriend. Her silence said more than words ever could. There were at least 100 of us in that room. All watching a petite, blonde, athletic looking woman take the pounding of a lifetime from a strapping bald man with...

What is it like to have cancer?

What is it like to have cancer?

What does cancer feel like? That's a great question. Well, cancer doesn't feel great. It's like making plans with a really cute girl, and then it starts raining so you have to change your plans from a picnic to a movie, then right before you leave home you rip your...

Why Inked? And Where Abroad?

Our world is full of incredible people, places and experiences.

I once found a squirrel inside a bin in Washington DC. That’s a bad example.

Still, there’s always somewhere new to explore. And with a love of tattoos that help express my battle with cancer, I do it in style.





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30 Second Travel Reviews

As a cancer survivor I don’t have time to waste. With Leukemia in the rear-view mirror it’s time to hit the road.

See the world’s most exotic places like you’ve never seen them before.

Off the beaten track, up close, and personal – all in 30 seconds!

Tinder Travel Bible: How to get Mates, Dates & One-Night Stands

Imagine walking into a bar and seeing a beautiful woman in a red dress waiting for a drink. You stand beside her. She smells like French perfume. In the distance, bells chime. 

She smiles. Her eyes dart up and down your body. You know the signs. You’ve seen it all before. So you growl with confidence, “You want to get out of here, gorgeous?”

She pauses. Then throws her drink in your face. She screams “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND”. You start to cry. 

You can live that life.

Or…you can skip that entire humiliation using Tinder.

And here’s how you do it to find mates, dates and one-night stands.