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I was diagnosed with Leukaemia a week before Christmas. Makes me think I must have been a pretty shit bloke that year. Cheers Santa.


I think the word ‘glob’ is so much funnier than ‘blog’. Plus, there’s so many blogs around already. I’ve never been one to stick to convention. I went and got Leukaemia while my four brothers didn’t so clearly I blaze the road less traveled. This isn’t where you’ll find a standard blog, instead, read the stories of the world in my very own glob.

A town called David

A town called David. I was in a town called David. And there was a black cat by me first thing in the morning. That much I remember. He was making some sort of noise, a cross between a meow and the word “why”. It was [...]


Mexico Nightlife – “Is this the mild one?” I asked. A question, directed at no one in particular. Unsurprisingly, there was no reply. Sitting at the end of a long table that felt less secure than my financial future, I hadn’t yet taken a bite of [...]

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