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I got Leukaemia a week before Christmas, which makes me think I must have been a pretty shit bloke that year. Cheers Santa.

All stories start somewhere. The origins of mine began back in 2008. When I was 20 years old, on a sunny day in mid-December, while the global economy was falling apart, I was having a similar breakdown in the back of my Dad’s aged, white van outside Nepean Hospital, in Western Sydney. “The Doctors say its Leukaemia” he said, with a Hall of Fame worthy level of directness. For anyone keeping score (ew, don’t keep score of my cancer) this was one of the worst things he’s ever said to me. And by far the worst thing a doctor has ever said about me, superseding the previous worst of “your son seems to be having difficulty reaching puberty”.

Across the following 244 days with chemo in my veins and hope in my heart I made the best of a bad situation. And by that I’m talking about hospital cafeteria food am I riiiiiiight?

But seriously, cancer sucked. It sucked the day I found out I had it. It sucked the day I started chemotherapy. It sucked when I watched all my mates turn 21 and celebrate their budding lives, while mine hung in the balance. It especially sucked when an inquisitive hospital cleaner said “you’ve been here for ages haven’t you?” around day 100, showing he didn’t just sweep aside garbage, but feelings too. In short, it sucked.

But somehow, I got through it. My mum prayed a lot. My Dad bought me endless McNuggets. And a team of amazing, superheros masquerading as doctors saved my life. For that, I can never thank them enough. But in living every day I have to the fullest, in making the most of this second chance at life, I will do my best to make it up to them, one story at a time.


I think the word ‘glob’ is so much funnier than ‘blog’. Plus, there’s so many blogs around already. I’ve never been one to stick to convention. I went and got Leukaemia while my four brothers didn’t so clearly I blaze the road less traveled. This isn’t where you’ll find a standard blog, instead, read the stories of the world in my very own glob.

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